mRemoteNG Prompting for password

I have been using mRemoteNG for quite a while. But suddenly it removed all my connections and started showing password dialog box and i was not able to use mRemoteNG. So i started searching google about this issue and found the solution. In this article we will see how to resolve the password prompt issue that comes.

Whenever we face this issue we get to see the below password prompt dialog box.
mRemoteNG Password Prompt

Resolving mRemoteNG Password prompt issue:
mRempteNG stores all the connection list in the file “%userprofile%/AppData/Roaming/mRemoteNG/conf/Cons.xml”. Rename this file and open and close mRemoteNG. It will create a new, empty connection file. Open the old file and copy all of the “Node” lines to the new file between the two “Connections” lines. Save the new file and start mRemoteNG. It should no longer as you for a password and your connections should be there. If you had passwords saved for your connections, they may no longer work so you may need to reenter them.

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