Avoid Struts2 warning in log4j

Logs are an important asset for any web/console based application. It helps use to debug how the application is behaving during development or production systems. Apache Log4J is one of the most widely used logging framework for Java based applications.

Well above was some introduction to logs and Apache Log4J. Now let’s go to the mood point, Strut2 is an widely used MVC for Java based web applications. In general configuration of Struts2 is pretty straight forward. However when we see the logs we see lot of exceptions from Struts2 which are just an warning. But because of this warnings we might miss the actual exception. In this article we would learn how we can disable the warning logs from Struts2.
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Unable to access Yahoo from Cisco Linksys Wi-Fi Router – SOLVED

Recently i have switched to Cisco Linksys E900 for my broadband connection. After configuring the router, my internet connection started working fine on Windows 7 and Samsung Galaxy smartphone. I thought that router has been configured properly, but i was wrong. There may be multiple reason for not working but i am putting one solution that might fixed the problem.
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Delete a file in Windows with long filename

I was trying to build an project and somehow i imported the Apache Hadoop folder. The folder had the class file which was having very big name and it was inside lot of nested folder. I was unable to delete that file on my Windows System as it was constantly throwing error that “Cannot delete file: filename too long“. I had to delete that file to remove un-necessary baggage on my project. After searching on internet i found the way to delete these files. In this article we would understand how we can delete long filename from Windows systems.
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